Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why I've been gone A.K.A Why you guys haven't heard from me

So if you check up on my blog regularly you know that there has been a disturbing lack of content recently. That would be caused by two things. Number one is that my internet connection has been down due to some problems I don't claim to understand but have been fixed. Number two would be that even though my internet problems were fixed a couple days back I've been taking my time getting back to the blog because I was reading a book that demanded I finish it and I was in the middle of brushing up on my chemistry. Rest assured that I am back and you will have more posts soon including one on the benefits of the game of basketball as a sport and exercise and another post on bacon, this time of the turkey persuasion. Until then I'm off to catch up on the blogs I've neglected and respond to the comments I may have missed.


  1. It's alright glad to see you back! And I can't wait for your next bacon post!