Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bacon: Take 1

Few things in this world make a man (or woman) appreciate life more than a nice, crispy plate of bacon. I know that if given the choice between a million dollars or a lifetime supply of bacon my choice would be easy to make. (Bacon if you couldn't guess) Bacon has many delicious incarnations ranging from American and Canadian, Smoked or Boiled, Fresh or Dried, and even Turkey (for those of you watching your weight). I'm here to tell you that the slice of heaven that is bacon will be a regular feature of this blog and that each article will be either about a particular type of bacon or a recipe using bacon in some fashion. Stay tuned for enough bacon related content to satisfy even the most avid bacon-thusiats out there.

My First Post

This blog will be, for the most part, a past time for me to expound my love for all the things that make life enjoyable. Anything from beer, bacon, music, riding bikes, or simply driving through the country can and will be written about, but I assure you that these things are only the tip of the iceberg. I extend my thanks ahead of time to any who decide to follow this blog and I hope that you find something among the myriad topics that you've never done but decide to try after reading about it here.