Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why I've been gone A.K.A Why you guys haven't heard from me

So if you check up on my blog regularly you know that there has been a disturbing lack of content recently. That would be caused by two things. Number one is that my internet connection has been down due to some problems I don't claim to understand but have been fixed. Number two would be that even though my internet problems were fixed a couple days back I've been taking my time getting back to the blog because I was reading a book that demanded I finish it and I was in the middle of brushing up on my chemistry. Rest assured that I am back and you will have more posts soon including one on the benefits of the game of basketball as a sport and exercise and another post on bacon, this time of the turkey persuasion. Until then I'm off to catch up on the blogs I've neglected and respond to the comments I may have missed.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Something New

Today I want to try something a bit different from what I have been posting. Today I want to see if one of my readers can find me a new musical artist in the techno genre that I haven't heard before. I love new experiences in life and I especially love new music but, as it is currently nice outside, most of my time has been spent getting out and exercising, playing sports, and chasing that ever elusive tan. In an effort to cut down on people submitting artists I've already heard I'm going to post a short list of the ones that I know and love so if you get a second and want to listen to some of them that you haven't heard then you too can listen to something new today!

Zed's Dead
Massive Attack
Crystal Castles
The Crystal Method
Mt. Eden
Steve Aoki
Flux Pavilion

Also anything that you can find on UKF Dubstep or DnB I've probably listened to but if you find one that is really good and not listed here post it in the comments anyway so that others can benefit as well. Later in the day I will start to go through this list and post some bio's and some of my favourite songs by these people so keep checking back if you like this type of music. Until then, I'm off to play basketball!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Bettering Yourself

The one thing that I hope that any reader of this blog takes from it is some small bit of knowledge or maybe even a change in how they think. Learning and bettering yourself little by little will lead to you eventually being better than you were and, in pursuit of that, I am going to throw together some resources that have helped me better myself with the hope that they help you as well.

This website has a plethora of free to watch documentaries on a bunch of different subjects. The ones that I would suggest you watch first before pursuing your own individual interests are a series of philosophy documentaries that explain some of the most famous philosophers viewpoints on subjects that are still relevant in this day and age.

The above link will take you to a list of colleges, with links to said colleges, that offer free course material online. While this won't substitute for a college degree by any means if you just want to learn something new or get a head start on next semester then these courses will certainly help in that manner. The content ranges from just the lecture notes to hours of interactive quizzes and videos.

Ehow.com has thousands of articles that teach you how to do things from make beauty products out of things in your garden, to how to play guitar, and so many things in between that it would be impossible to list them all here. Next time you find yourself bored on the internet stop by here and learn how to do something while you spend time sitting on Facebook.

This article from Lifehack.org, a site worth looking at on its own, details 60 small and easy ways to improve your life in just 100 days. Following these pieces of advice will see you happier, healthier, and richer in the short span of roughly 3 months.

Feeling down? Thinking about going to the store for a self help book? Well stop right there good sir, or ma'am! This page right here has what you need without you going out and spending your hard earned money on a book. You can thank me later, but right now read these tips and then go use the money you were going to use on a self help book to have a good time!

Have you ever wished there were more hours in the day? With polyphasic sleep you can increase your amount of waking hours up to 22 hours and the link above can show you how! With that much extra time on your hands you could do any number of things that you've always wanted to do but never had the time. Lurking on Facebook for an extra 6 hours comes to mind but hopefully after reading this post you find a few things that are more worthy of your time than that. I for one have been considering the Everyman's sleep cycle which would give me 20 hours of waking time that I could use to further improve myself. If I do decide to switch to this cycle you can bet that I will chronicle my trials and tribulations through the adjustment period and detail the benefits and drawbacks on this blog.

That's all for now folks but as I find more resources in my search for knowledge you can rest assured I will share them with you, my faithful readers, in a timely fashion. As always comments are appreciated and if you have a site you think I should check out then lay it on me.

Dj Ravine

Today I'd like to post a short shout out to one of my favorite Youtube djs, DJ Ravine. He has something like 30 different mixes ranging from happy hardcore to dubstep and, pretty much, everything in between so there is something for everyone. You can find his music on his Youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/DjRavine) and he also has a Facebook fan page (http://www.facebook.com/RavineDJ) and a Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/DJRavine). Look him up if you have the free time and I assure you something he mixes will appeal to you.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Interlude: An apology

Today I'd like to start off by posting an apology regarding my blog. I am new to this and I have no idea how long posts should be, what format, or how often I should post. I also apologize ahead of time for any grammar or spelling mistakes that may slip in to my posts from time to time. I try hard to stop them, but I am only human and the English language is convoluted as it is. That being said I will now return this blog to it's normal, unscheduled madness.
Thanks for your patience and time,

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Duel

The pale figure strode forward from the swirling grey mists onto a plain that had long since been abandoned. No wind stirred the dead grasses and the dust from his footsteps quickly settled back onto the ground as if happy to be left dead once more. He turned his eyes toward the singular monument on this dead plane, a stone tablet written in a language that hadn't been spoken in ages. Sitting atop it irreverently was a man clad in green, wool garments with red hair. "You're late." He spoke scathingly, "and I have little patience as you well know." The pale man blinked his lifeless eyes once and spoke with a voice that carried the chill of the grave with it. "Then let us finish this so I can return to Ravnica and the research that you have torn me from." "Fine!" The fiery mage spat as his eyes lit with an inner fire as he called an elemental of living flame from beyond the Blind Eternities.
This is how a duel of Magic: The Gathering starts in my mind, not with the shuffling of a deck of cards but with two powerful Planeswalkers meeting to do battle for any number of reasons. This challenging game of strategy and skill is often looked at as just that but underneath the strategy and the cards is a wonderful, mystical realm where you are the Planeswalker and your spells alter reality and summon creatures of myth and legend. So often I meet players who build their decks around what wins, however the people that build their decks around themes and with the flavor of Magic in mind are, often, the ones who have more fun with the game. Next time you sit down to a friendly game of Magic I challenge you to remember more than the strategy and try to see the game as an exercise in the imagination as well.